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The Straightheads Trailer

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I have all the confidence in the world that your film will be a success! So, try not to worry too much!

So, how was the film for those that got to see it? Are we allowed to discuss it at all? I don't want anyone giving away details about it, just let us know what your impression of the film was if that's ok.

Oh, and thanks so much for the beautiful pictures. Wow, those blue eyes are absolutely smashing! Gillian is just so gorgeous! Thanks!


Ehhh...My comment on the last entry were deleted. All I wrote in the comment was that i couldn't wait to see the movie, and that i had never waited for a movie as much as i am waiting for this!
I was also asking about the trailer, when it would be released...
Oh well, maybe someone found it offensive..

Well, I can`t wait to see your work Dan. Not only because of Gillian, but to see your creation.
You seem so focused and so into what you are doing. And that can only lead to great results! You take it really serious, but at the same time you joke around allot..That is a great balance, some of the best directors i know and have worked with have that particular gift..!
I also can`t wait to see Gillian play a role like this. I have long known that she would be able to do a role like this really good! But i didn't think that i would be experience that any time soon! She has such a range - from a fabulous comedian to a really believable dramatic actress!


Thanks for the update and pics Dan....look forward to many more.

April really isnt that far off now!! Ive seen a few reviews already now, and i am now itching too see this movie!!


Hey, thanks for the 2 new pics, Dan!! :D


Thanks bunches for posting the new pics Dan and also thanks for this fantastic eve. We really had a lot of fun!!! Thank you so much for your kindness!!! I am really dying to know how the official poster looks like!!! And of course you can count on our moral support, not only at the premiere.


I know you're only kidding, Dan, but why do you think that we have to live in a sick country to appreciate Straightheads? There is some phenomenal acting, great cinematography and a chilling story that keeps you hooked until the end. I don't think that you need to be sick to enjoy that.

otoh I guess it depends upon your definition of "enjoy"! I "appreciated" seeing a well paced, thought provoking movie with powerful themes that have a lot of relevance to our society and the way that we live our lives today. In fact, I haven't been able to get it out of my head since seeing it. Oh, and it was pretty nice seeing Gillian take a shower, too :)

Well done and good luck with the film. And Britain needs good movie makers, so don't even think about emigrating!


Thx for the new pix the worst ting is that I won't see the movie bc it won't be shown in Poland :( What a shity country I live in :( ehhh


Hi Dan!! Thank you for posting the photos!!

And don't worry about the critics, Straihtheads rocks and I can't wait to see it!! btw, you (or Sony Spain) can make a premiere in Spain? I can't fly to London but I can to Madrid!!

PD: Sorry for the mistakes :S

Ana Carolina

Wow!I'm just so curious about this movie!!

I already send a lot of emails to bretz...I think that he wants to kill me! ;D
I hope, hope, hope that he listen to us!At least me!hihi :P

So, since I live in Brazil and in Porto Alegre, I know how delay to arrive the films here...Until then, I will just die for news about the movie... :)
And yes, my english is really bad! :P
Lucky for you guys!
And Dan, thanks a lot for the pictures!


Hi, Dan!

Thanx for the pics. They're great. And I realized that the person who has that thing in which appears the title of the film, and the numbers of the scene and take, etc. (I don't know how to say it in English) wears globes and that Gillian doesn't. I'm sure it was very cold! So poor her!

Anyway, I don't think either that your film aren't gonna have succes. I mean, at least all of us are going to see it. That's something, hehe. But, no... really. I'm sure all is gonna be right.

All my positive energy to you and the film!
- Patricia.

Oh, and sorry for my mistakes too, because I think this is my worst comment ever.


Thanks for the awesome new pics, dan!

Don't forget to post the rejected posters too... please!


Hi Dan and Happy New Year!

It's very good to hear from you again! Thanks for the new pics. They're both great! Fantastic to know that as we approach April and Straightheads' release we'll be hearing from you more frequently. Always a pleasure to read anything you have to say.

The wheels must be starting to pick up speed to start promoting Straightheads. Can we expect you to turn up in an interview on "Film 2007 with Jonathan Ross" yet, Dan? I've been tuning into "Film 2007" a lot more recently to see if anything Straightheads related turns up but so far nothing. Nada. Zip. Maybe it's too early to be watching "Film 2007" but I'll keep tuning in until I do see something.

Anyway I look forward to your next posting. Take care.


Hi there, Dan !

Thanks for posting the winning posters. I am very glad at least some of us got to see the screening of the movie :) Now all we are waiting for is....lemme see...the poster, the "official" trailer and the confirmed date of the premiere (with exact location and everything LOL), and,'s too much to ask for a southern european premiere on a random mediterranean city, like, uh...for --- sorry. i had to try !!!

Best wishes for you and this your project called straightheads



Exactly, Laura, Barcelona is an international city too. :lol: A premiere here would be great.

Well, I had to try too. :lol:

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