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The Straightheads Poster


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The Straightheads Trailer

« trailer will be exclusive to this blog for a week only... | Main | THE STRAIGHTHEADS TRAILER »



Ohhhhh its such a waiting game!!

Thanks for the info Dan!


Thanks for sharing Dan! :D

90-sec is a long trailer then Woohooo :D

Next week! Next Week! Next Week! \o/


ohhhh, cant wait!!!! its going to come along so quickly now, feel like i've been waiting forever tho. "Please please" show us the real trailer next week, and if you could, the versions of the trailer that didnt make it???? thank you adele xxx

Sean Austin

Dan, that would be awesome if you put out tomorrow. That would make my day.


Thanks for that update, Dan. Great to hear that the trailer is almost with us and that the April 20th UK release date is still being aimed for!

I'm certain that it's all going to have been well worth the waiting!

Please, please, please can you confirm Straightheads' release in the Apollo and Cineworld cinema chains? If you can do that I'd really appreciate it.



"Dan, that would be awesome if you put out tomorrow. That would make my day."

LOL!! Let the man be!

Dan, make it perfect....then release it. No pressure! :-)


Good news and bad in the same post! Bad for me that is, I had hope to be in London for the premiere but seem to be missing it with a few days. But the good news is that I'll actually will be able to see it while being there! ;)

And the trailer! Something to look forward to next week. Thanks Dan, you rock!


How exciting! I'll finally get to see Straightheads in motion!


I can't wait!!!! This is so exciting!!!!


How exiting!! Can`t wait to see the trailer..

And oh counting the days and the hours! I just hope that it comes to Norway too!! Hopefully very soon after the 20th of April..I can`t wait much longer than that!

(God , it weird beeing so impatient just because of a movie..hihi)


Hi Dan
Do u know if it's gonna be released in Singapore? Or do i have to e-mail anyone to push for it?



I've been looking forward to seeing the film for a while now. All you people should get over to the Empire forum at and get Straightheads some much deserved attention. April is not far away and my favourite film magazine has not even mentioned it yet.


I am guilty :)))
I Has looked it... few times... (I mean trailer)
I do not know the author of this trailer.
I can tell, that I shall look this film completely... Absolutely...
A sound line is picked up... interesting
I think, that the violence gives rise to violence.
This nucleus is in each person, and when it's started it's hard to stop...

And few frases in russian :)
ya dumay, chto trudno naity v sebe sily lubit, kogda tratish vse na nenavist.
I ya dumau, chto mest - eto neisbegno i neobhodimo.
No eto bludo, kotoroe neobhodimo upotreblyat holodnim.
Ne moi slova, no tochnie :))


When is this movie coming out in the US?? I am a huge fan of Gillian Anderson ever since I was 13 years old and watched the first episode of The X Files:)


Dear, Jenn :)
I congratulate you, after "...watched the first episode of The X Files:) " you are infected with the fan's love . I invent antidote, but... without results...

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