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The Straightheads Trailer

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This is just AMAZING! It's, it's... I don't have words to express what I want to say! It's simply amazing. Gosh, I want to see the film right now. :lol:

Thanks, Dan, for this. Really!

- Patricia.


Great trailer Dan, It really fits the mood of the film, hope it is a success. I'm already telling people in Spain how great the movie was, so I hope it gets here. Bye, and again thanks a lot for everything at the screening


I have to say I was under the impression the movie is much softer then it appears in the trailer. But im even more excited now


holy shit. sorry for the lack of eloquence, but that blew my mind. congratulations! I can't wait! guess I'll have to though... again, bravo.



//I had to post that!//

WOW, thanks a lot for the trailer!! I'm so shocked with it!! I want SO bad to see the movie!!!

Thank you again Dan & I'm so watching it again..

can't wait to see the's so intense..


Raquel Danason

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
I can´t wait to see this movie. I think everybody needs to see that for yesterday!
Thanks again!


OMG!!! I SO can't wait for this movie to hit the US!! awesome trailer... heartstopping!!!


Dan, looks like Gillian has given another incredible performance. Thanks for the trailer.


i LOVED IT.......Now i really can't wait until this movie comes to the US.

I was actually a little freaked out....

I love Gillian.


Amazing. Now who do I have to kill to get this picture in belgium? Any info on that Dan?


OMG! That was AWESOME!!!!! that trailer is scary, and it looks like Gillian gave another brilliant performance! I so can't wait for this to come out in the states!!!!

"What did you do?" and "Do you know what they did once they finished with me? they laughed" Fucking awesome lines!!!

Can't wait!I'm very excited about this movie!

Thanks soooooo much Dan, Julia and Verve for giving us the sneak peek at the movie. You guys Rock!!!!!

Ana Carolina

I can't stop seeing!!!


Oh my God! I am totally speechless! Absolutely brilliant! There are no other words for this. I watched it 5 times and even on the fifth time it still scared the hell out of me. This is truly fantastic! I was really afraid that I was going to hype myself up for this too much and maybe be disappointed and I was so, so wrong! Absolutely incredible! This film is going to do wonders for everyone involved in it. I mean talk about a pyschological thriller! Now I am more determined to wait it out here in the U.S. until we get the chance to see it as well. I am telling everyone I know about this. Wow, I am so jealous of you all that get to see this in April! You lucky, lucky people! Congratulations Dan on such a brilliant effort! I can't wait! Absolutely AMAZING!!!!


Holy crap! I just watched it again and I can't get over it. As someone else mentioned...this movie is so f**ked up and I can't wait to see it! Is that sick? I don't give a damn at this point! Freaking fantastic Dan! I mean seriously, you really kick some major ass! I just can't get over it. It scares the hell out of me and I can't wait to see it!


OMG!!! I just watch the trailer and it was amazing. I cannot wait until the U.S. release date. I will be at the show the first day it is out anywhere near me! I simply cannot wait!!!!


Great trailer, the editing takes a little to get used to but after watching it a few times it kind of grows on you! And some of the clips are so short that it leaves you just wishing it was April today!



This looks *awesome*. I cannot wait!


That...was Intense. I find that shot of the camera pushing in on Alice sitting alone in the woods so haunting. Brilliant editing, I can't stop watching it!


I have looked this trailer.
This variation on a theme is... more softly
Picture as a whole sparing mentality.
I with pleasure would look film in the Great Britain, but... The life has disposed... I work in Rostov -on-Don.
Anyhow, I expect this film entirely in Russia.
I shall eat it with appetite...
I hope, that film will pass in Russia in the full version.


Oh, thank you so :)))
I am impolite... Horror
Thanks for trailer.
It is not a lot of information, but there is enough to fall in love, well or to become interested this movie and story, and work


What can I say, Dan? This trailer is fucking insane! Thank you so much for keeping your word and posting it for us. It's hot (first 25secs), demented, enthralling, and loaded with tension. I LOVE it. My only small gripe is with the high pitched alteration of Gillian's lovely voice, though I understand this is the result of how the video has been formatted/converted for the computer. Kudos to everyone involved with the editing. It simply kicks ass \m/

asma ^^


it's terrific. So much better an less shocking than the first i saw!!!! the movie seems less provocative than i thought, even if it seems violent!
I love the visuals effects on the trailer, gilian's voice over wery soft and very emotional... the blood on the writings apearing on the screen !!!!! well it's a very good trailer!! congratulation for the one who made it!!!
Gillian an Danny's performances seem to be incredible. I can wait to watch the whole, even if i have to admit that it scares the hell out of me to... ( well i'm too much sensitive but who cares? lol^^)
anyway, i hope that i't will be well received by the audience when it will be released!!!!
good luck Dan ( and the crew) for the premiere , and i'll hope it'll work in england so that it'll be released here in France and anywhere else in the world!!!

*****crossing fingers****


I just had to watch this again! Absolutely insane!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I agree with one of the other users who mentioned the scene with Gillian sitting in the woods...very haunting indeed! I am so thrilled about this whole thing. LOVE IT Dan!!!!


Ohhh my god!!!! I want to know If this film is going to be in chile, I want to watch it as soon as posible. Bye Bye


I here have decided to add a little...
Interestingly, what is measure of weights for to tell, that the violence was equivalent.

I involuntarily recollect "Irreversibility" with Monica B.
Excuse me, I know, that comparison with any other film or work can be unpleasant.
But... I do not compare it in categories "poorly" or "well". It is associative only... Any way, the theme of violence prevails.
And so... I think, that objective borders of "sufficiency" of revenge do not exist, because experiences and feelings of a victim are subjective.
Are subjective when you are a victim, and when - the executioner.
And fear to not get rid for fear never, and fear to destroy yourself together with a victim...
Well ... if person was a victim of violence, the person never comes back

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