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The Straightheads Poster


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The Straightheads Trailer

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You nearly killed me with that title! But then again, that was your purpose you evil-evil Dan, and you're also killing me with your great sense of humour throughout your post :-)

Quote:"[...]might get contaminated with an unknown flesh-eating bacterium[...]"---
Well, it's pretty clear you have been watching too much X-files in the past. I can see all the symptoms right there. It's ok, we've all been there. Still are. Don't try to cure it, it just doesn't go away.

*now, trying to bring her serious self on surface...*

Don't you know by now that 'Too much details?' is never too much for us? We're greedy-greedy fans when it comes to Straightheads and your posts.

I'm glad and excited to read everything's going so well..Crossing fingers for the Toronto festival, *dying* to see the final poster. Any chance you'd share the photographer's name? (like I said, greedy!). Have a beautiful day at the sceenwriters' festival. Spread that wisdom Dan :-) And come back to us. We'll be waiting. *Scared yet?* ;-)


OMG Dan the heading just scared the hell outta me! Don't you dare do that again to a lady. Lol! Naughty boy! And I'd really like to know what the last sentence means. *Cries* All I could figure out is that it's Russian. I speak a few languages but no Russian.

Anyhoodles good luck at the screenwriter's festival and on the further progress of your project and have a great day!!! :)

And The Truth Is Out There right? He, he. We'll just drink a cuppa of tea and be well behaved and patient persons and wait for the final poster! :D

Hasta luego!!!


thank you very much for keeping us updated. I like your way of tell things:)


I must say, your posts are really entertaining to read. I hope the Screenwriter's Fest. goes well for you and I eagerly await our first look at the promo poster!


Thank you for let us know what is going on Dan.. I love the way you write.


God... You nearly gave me a heart attack with that title!! lol But you're forgiven because your French is perfect and I LOVE it when you speak French!! :p
I like reading your comments, even if post-production is an unknown world to me, you make it really interesting and entertaining! I didn't know there were so many different levels in post-production, amazing and... frightening somehow, you have the feeling it will never be over!
Aww... You're so lucky to work with Gillian... I can't wait to see that poster!! It must be incredible!! And reading your posts, knowing the way you write, and your feelings, it makes me think that you're movie will be breathtaking!
Thanks again, for everything and for being who you are!!
A Happy French Girl :D


That poster and the freaking movie are going to be so goshdarn awesome! "The little room where they keep all the film might get contaminated with an unknown flesh-eating bacterium, " it could happen, but I'll pray that it doesn't, for the sake of most of the world! :D THANKTHANKTHANK YOU!


Thanks for posting and for keeping us updated. Very educational being a fan! I've learned things about film-making I never knew before.
Can't wait to see the poster! Any insight who took the pictures?


LOL! "final post", Dan you really know how to freak us lot out. Most of us are already paranoid from repeated watching of X-Files episodes!
I'm loving all the details of getting this film to completion, so please keep the information flowing. And have fun at the Screenwriters Fest.


Thank you again Dan!
and OMG when i saw the title of the update I was: " Noo!! It can't be over, I love this blog, I love this guy, he's fed up with this... we talked too much"
Anyway as PoLLy said , because I always agree with, I hope everything goes well for you and don't worry we are always here to read your great and nice update ^^.
Hey next week I would be in your wonderful and awesome city Dan with some friends (London!!yeah^^)and I still can dream but maybe we'll meet by I just need more sleep right now.

P.S: I never saw "LA HAINE", yeas it's a shame but you gave me the desire to watch it right now.^^
hey! As it's one of your favourite films... I suppose Straightheads will maybe have some similarities with it?

Well I need


Thanks Dan fo these latest news et surtout,
tu as totalement raison, c'est ton blog alors
parle en français si tu le veux!!!! Vale que
todavia éste te pertenece, no?
Nothing about a heart attack for me after having
read the title... Sorry... (????). I'm looking
forward seeing the poster because it's something
very important if you want to have a big audience.
I guess the poster is an important part of the success
of the film so... It has to be great.
I hope you're fine in spite of the lot of feelings that
you may have now because your film is nearly over. It must
be very special, like a childbirth... Let's just go on and
waiting for your little newly-baby,
lot of kisses, Agathe
p-s: Please, I have to go to London in August, would you not
give me like a present a private showing of your film??? Because I don't know when
I could see it in France, then...


It's always a pleasure to hear news from you!! Thx you for the updates, and I can't wait to see the movie, now!!!!!!!!

"Jusqu'ici tout va bien... Jusqu'ici tout va bien... mais c'est pas le vol qui compte, c'est l'atterrissage!" ... That sentence, I dunno why but, makes me smile but I dunno where does that quote come from, uh? Your french is good!

Thx much for sharing your thougts about the movie, you're awesome, I've had so pleasure in reading your final post, thinking it won't be the last! :(

Can't wait to see the poster!!!!!!

Good luck for your next projects!!!


Thank you for the update!You almost killed me with that joke!
Good luck for the festival!
I can't wait to see the poster! :D


I nearly fell of my chair when I read the title to this entry!! You have awonderful sense of humour Dan and are keeping me highly amused as I read this blog! Once again thanks for the detail you go into, you may think it bores us, but I can assure you I find the whole process absolutely fancinating. It sounds like everything is going great guns and I am more excited than ever about seeing the final product! Can't wait to see the poster either!
Many thanks once again for keeping us all updated.


Hey Dan! I nearly had a heart attack too when I read the title! LMAO! Don't do that again :))
Thx a lot for the update. As Polly and Marie said we're really happy to read all the details of the post production. I hope you'll keep us inform about you and the movie after the post prod is over! Good luck with the new screenwriters! Now I can't wait to see the movie, to see the poster and to listen to the soundtrack!!! I'm sure it'll be gooood!
You know what?! I really like when you speak french! I'm also going to London in August. I wish I could already see the movie :p
And we're going to London in feb to see Straightheads. I hope there'll be a premiere or something where we could talk to you! That would be amazing!!
*crosses fingers for the Toronto festival*. Good luck to Danny with his new movie!
Talk to you soon!!
Take care.


Well, Dan, I hope you have the enough luck to go to Toronto Film Festival with Gillian and Danny ! And I wait to see the Straightheads poster soon and I hope you could sell the rights to Argentina for a long and sooner release, here. Amor, Luz y Paz. Laura



Thanks for the update.

Now that most of the work on the production of Straightheads is finished, how frequently do you envisage posting here in the future?

As you've whetted our appetites with news of a Gillian/Danny photo shoot, how about a picture?


I agree with all that people been sayin and yeah the title made me jump outta ma skin i was so scared that you were going to stop writing to us :(
thanks for the detail and with what str8head said we are greedy-greedy fans he he he he he can't wait to see the poster!!!!!!!


Thanks for the update, Dan. Once again every single piece of news about Straightheads progress is all very much appreciated.

I do have a couple of questions if that's ok. I'm probably jumping the gun here but how far in advance do you think about a DVD release (assuming (and I'm praying) there is one) and the Special Features it would get? Do you have any ideas for them yet or are things like that out of your hands? I personally think that the writers, directors, and producers should have some say into what goes on the DVD release of their movie.

All DVD's should be jam-packed with extras and Straightheads should be no different. Personally Dan, I'd like to listen to a commentary featuring your good self with Gillian and Danny, a photo gallery, deleted scenes (if any are available of course), behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and an E.P.K (Electronic Press Kit).

Of course it wouldn't really matter what extras Straightheads gets (if any at all). This has already made my "must buy" list.

Oh, and Dan…way to scare me with the title of your most recent update. I'm certain my heart skipped a beat or several. Nice one. :)

I look forward to your next update. All the best.


Oh god yes, what Alan said! [yep, too early to talk about that, but it doesn't hurt to throw in some ideas that you'd hopefully take into consideration, right? ;)]. So I'll just second that: Any extras would be great, but a commentary with you and GA would be simply what a fan calls Heaven! :)


I'm sad because this is the final post *sniff* but I hope that the movie has a lot of sucess and we see in Spain.

btw, I can't wait to see the photoshoot of movie poster!!


No No don't worry it's not the *final post*!!^^
Well that is so frustrating not to be born we try to translate word by word and it's not the best thing to do .. :D
Anyway good luck again Dan and I'd die to see the movie, it's not new to you! LOL

María Jesús

I´m enjoying a lot this blog and I´m sure Straightheads is an excellent film. I saw The Valley and, although another genre of movie, it highly recommends your work. I hope you could sell the rights of Straightheads not only to Argentina but to Mexico and all Latin America. Please, don´t forget us.


i await your next update excitingly

María Jesús

"Jusqu'ici tout va bien... mais c'est pas le vol qui compte, c'est l'atterrissage!". Je n'avais jamais entendu cette expression auparavant -I´m Spanish speaker- mais c'est excellente. I'm waiting anxiously for Straightheads to come out ... and know that all will be alright.

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