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The Straightheads Trailer

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I am loving how this is going. It's so exciting that the scoring of the music is going now. One of the most integral and vital parts of a movie. I'm still buzzing about this movie. Hope everything goes well!
Anxiously waiting...

Will you include any participation from any well known bands on top of the instrumental score?
I always find that really gets the buzz going on a movie of this kind.


Am I the first person that post a comment? That means I should be sleeping, but I have a lot to study! Well, I only wanted to say that... it seems that all the things you are doing to the film (ADR and all that stuff, because I don't remember more technical words) are very difficult! Well, maybe not difficult but they take a lot of time. I've never heard anything about ADR before. I've never heard anything about post-production, actually. That's why I thank you for this, Dan. My best whises to you and to the movie, and to the actors and all the crew too. I really hope Straightheads come to Spain. And... that's all, I think. Sorry for such a long comment ^^ Oh, and sorry for my English (just in case you forgot I'm from Spain).

By the way, how many languages do you speak? lol


I'm so very excited about this film and I know you can depend on Gillian's fans to help in anyway we can. From your message, Gillian has returned to London. She was beautiful as ever, when I saw her in LA last week. Take care, Dan. You have our support with Straightheads.



Thank you so much for providing us this look into the usually unseen side of how a movie is actually put together. You must know by now Gillian has a legion of very loyal and faithful fans who will do whatever it takes to help in any of her projects. This will include the buying of the DVD of this film if and when it comes out on DVD....

Good luck tomorrow.....Hopefully Gillian will not be suffering any jet lag........If she is just poke her with a little bit of support from her fans! :lol


Thank you so much for this interesting and informative update. I'm really glad to hear that US distributors are interested in it! I really want to see this film.


Hi Dan! Thanks for your most recent posting and the new picture. Great to hear that work on Straightheads is going so well. Although this is my first message here, I've been reading since this Blog opened and never before have I felt so kept in the loop about a movies progress before as I have with Straightheads so a really big thank you for this amazing experience.

I really wanted to wait a while before I posted here as I wanted to get my feelings about this movie right and now I believe I have. One of my favourite film genres is Thrillers and as a long time fan and admirer of Gillian Anderson and the work she has done, I’ve always longed to see her to appear in a film of a certain genre (can you guess what that genre is?). I'm so pleased that it’s your film, Dan. You’ve given the Gillian Anderson starring Thriller film I had always wanted to see her appear in substance and I really can’t say thank you enough for that. From the basic plot I’ve read at Verve Pictures and the few pictures I’ve seen you’re film looks like it'll be dark, dangerous, violent, twisted, gory, erotic, and sexy which is basically everything that I like to see in a Thriller. And it’s a British film! Another notch on the ever growing British film industries belt! I must admit that when I did imagine Gillian appearing in a Thriller film I never imagined it to be British so I’m very proud about that fact too!

I honestly don’t think I’ve been so excited about a film before. If it were actually possible I think that I’d be trying to reserve my seat at the cinema and pre-ordering the DVD now! lol

I’m looking forward to your next update, Dan. Thank you for taking the time to keep us all updated on Straightheads’ progress. It's very much appreciated.

Take care.


I am happy that your film is going well and I predict it will do even better than you had hopes for. I am looking forward to seeing Gillian Anderson performing again on American soil. What a wonderful gift she is to the arts. To be able to share feelings experiences and life itself to build bridges to people. That's what theater and acting do, build bridges.


Thanks for keeping us updated!
I really hope the movie is going to release here (= NL) too!!



OMG!! ^^
Thanks Dan for this great updateee!
Thank you so much! and your french is perfect! (so actually you're french, aren't you? lol)
(Merci de parler en français, c'est super sympa :p et moi par contre, j'ai bien les accents et les cédilles sur mon clavier :D Ne t'inquiète pas on parle anglais mais quelquefois avec l'excitation du moment c'est dur de garder son calme et la langue maternelle est plus forte
I have a extraordinary awful and important exam today and i was so depressed but now after seeing this update i am in a real great great great mood!!! Thank you Dan!!!
Good luck for the future, take care and thanksssssssssssssssssss!


Dan, Its wonderful to have you back amongst us! Thanks for this fantastic update and for allowing yet another insight into the Post-Production process of film. The more I read in this blog the more addicted I am becoming, I feel that just by reading this I am gaining invaluable knowledge about an area that truely fancinates me, more than I ever did having studied Film for 3 years at University! As Alan said already, I am so proud that this is a British Film!
Good Luck with the ADR today,



Thx for the update, can't wait to see the movie *dying*

And You speak French very well *heehee*

I wish you good luck for your next plans and Thxxxxxxxxxxxxx a million for taking care of Gillian!!!!


im admitting i am one of the straighthead fans now..... and of course a Gillian Fan, so of course duuddee we will support you wherever!!!
i like what Karen said about the jet lag, ha funny but true. Straightheads strightheads we all love straightheads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the update, i know that ADR means extra work, i know bits about it and stuff.
Oh and about the picture.... hmmmm *thinks* they go into the woods!!!! and they hmmmmmm have a bit of fun :P
just a guess i might add.


Thanks Dan for the news and what amazing guy you are!
I mean you speak spanish (de una muy buena manera, que
yo te lo digo de verdad), and now you show that you're
able to talk in french (félicitations très cher...), so
you're really gifted for the modern languages!!! Congratulations...

Really happy to have the possibility to follow the film making
it's very interesting to learn how it works. So thank you very
much and let's go on...

Good luck with the ADR and I hope you're not so half-asleep because
of us...
Viva the summer that has arrived at last in France too (but now it's too hot)!
See you soon, Agathe
p-s: I'm so sorry not to be able to speak english as you speak french and spanish...


Great to have you back, Dan! And thanks for the lesson in how to make a movie! It's a blessing to be a fan of Gillian Anderson, I can tell you.! You learn things that you never would have been bothered with and you meet new friends from all over the world.

Glad that Cannes seemed to gone well and can't truly wait for this movie to be released! Thanks for posting here and keep the good worj up. Greetings from a very warm and sunny Gothenburg ,Sweden.

Ps I'm impressed with your language skills, how many can you speak?


What a wonderful article !
As Marie, I had an important exam this morning... Actually, this week isn't really great. But you made my day !! Thanks for the update ! And the photo... Actually, Gillian is just... wonderful ?
Thanks for speaking french, les françaises vous aime et vous remercient infiniment ^.^
Take care... of you and of Gillian, of course ^^
Bye !

PS: Moi je sais ce qui va se passer... Uh uh ^^ *knows what's gonna happen... uh uh*


Thank you so much for the update Dan! Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted althought you are very busy! :) The article is very interesting and the pic is just beautiful. Keep on spoiling us :D. And good luck with the further process of this movie. I'm counting the days till February!!!

Hasta luego!

Ian Kennedy

Great to finally hear more on the movie's progress and the possibility there may be US distributors intrested in the movie! That is terrific news!! Also fantastic to see a new shot of Gillian and Danny from the movie- any chance we could see a still of them from in the wood (especially as I suspect a sexy encounter between them to take place from all I've been hearing....)


I want Straightheads here in Braziiiiiiiil! =D
Yay! New Alice-Adam pic! Thanks a lot for posting! ^^
BTW, I know what's gonna happen, too. x]

Say hi to Gillian from all of her fans! \o/


Thanks, Dan for the update and fantastic photo! Great to hear that there may be a US distributor! You can be sure you already have a following of US fans that will be more than happy to get the word out here about your film.........we're all really stoked about the eventual release and honored to help!!
The photo: It looks as thought the two characters are about to enjoy nature to the fullest! I love spontaneous liaisons in the husband and I were always outdoor enthusiasts in the early days, so this brings back memories! I love your mind, Dan!!


Oh Gooood!! This update is my favourite all times!! How can you speak so many languages without making any mistakes?? I would love to speak English as well as you speak French!! lol
Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your little secrets and your wonderful world!! (I'd die if I met Gillian in flesh and bones!! lol).
So keep on shooting wonderful movies (with wonderful actresses?? lol) and thank you sooo much for... everything!!
This pic is just marvelous, I mean, how did you guys do to behave when Gillian was in the same room?? lol She's so beautiful...
Oh!! I was about to forget : me too, I know what's gonna happen, what makes me sooo excited!! This movie MUST be released before the 10th of February (my birthday)!!
Aww, I'll buy 10 places a day and when the DVD will be released, I'll offer it to all the people I know!! lol
Take care Dan, and thank you so much for thinking about French people here!! We'll always be there for you and for Gillian!!



Thank Polly for the novel you've written! lol
I love you Pouloutte :D
And you're right i have also a little clue about what will happen next in the woods but we have to wait until february to know!!!... the waiting is
I hope you wasn't too tired today.
Thank you again Dan and we're impatiently waiting for the have no idea how much!



Viva Straightheads! ~> Viva!! I wish that release in Spain, really.

The pic is fantastic and the music surely, it's the same ^^

Sorry my imperfect english, i'm from spain


Hi Dan! Thx a lot for the update and for sharing everything with us. I'm one of the French people who're dying to see this movie! It's being more and more exciting with the new pictures (btw I have an idea on what's going to happen too but we'll be sure when we see the movie! :p ).
Bravo pour ton français Dan! Où est-ce que tu as appris à parler toutes ces langues? C'est impressionnant! En tout cas, toute l'équipe du film peut compter sur nous, on va tout faire pour qu'un maximum de personnes aille voir le film dès la sortie! C'est le moins qu'on puisse faire! ;) (I didn't know how to say that in English. I just said that we're going to help Dan and everybody when the movie's released).
I'm glad the movie made good impressions and I'm sure it'll work well in Toronto!
I can't wait to read the next update! Please say 'hi' to Gillian for us!

Ici aussi il fait beau, heureusement l'été et les vacances vont nous faire patienter en attendant de voir le film! Bonne chance!



Hi !
I'm French and I wanted to thank you for writing something to us ! :D
I just can't wait to see your movie, it looks so appealing !!
Hope it will be released in France too...?
bye for now,


PS : I hope you enjoyed your day with Gillian !!! ;)


Thanks for another update Dan!

I'm so glad to hear that everything is coming together nicely and that there are plenty of distributors interested...

Is it February yet? ;)

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