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The Straightheads Trailer

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Phew! You had me worried there for a while, thought you had forgotten about us! ;)
Any news from Cannes?



I've been lurking here for a bit and just wanted to say thanks for keeping this blog up -- I so enjoy each little bit of info you give us with each entry. This seems like just the type of film I'd enjoy (and not just because Gillian is in it ;)) and can hardly wait for it's release! Thanks again and take care.


Hey! thx for the update! I can't wait to listen to the score! Good luck with the writing of your next movie :)


cooooooool, i was getting worried. Was in need of a bit of a straightblog fix! well let us know about your new movie when the time comes, i know there will be a lot involved but by the end of straigheads you are going to have a following :D woooooohoooooooo


Many thanks for the update. Some of us were worried that you might have got lost in the back of another taxi ;)


Hey thanks for the update!!! I see Gillian's name in your post and I am happy fort one day(or two...). Good luck fort the next movie!!!

Franchement une communauté française ce serait sympa non? Parce que voilà les anglais sont sympas mais ce ne sont pas les seuls fans(je viens de signer mon arrêt de mort). Merci beaucoup de nous donner jour après jour des nouvelles et de vous occuper de ce blog si intéréssant!


Thanks a lot for giving us every bit of info you can (and are allowed) to give; I'm really looking forward for the moment it hits theatres! (Hoping Dutch theatres will be showing it too!!!)

And, good luck with your next movie; I know how hard it can be to start a script (and whatnot what tags along with the whole movie making shizzle) from scratch.


Good to hear things are going well.

Any chance of a full cast list; along with the characters they play? (IMDB is somewhat incomplete).

You have already told us about Rascal, but what about the real animals? Was filming them a new experience for you? Did the ‘actor’ playing “Crisis” behave itself?


I really look forward to discovering the music, I'm trying to imagine it when I look at the pictures we have (btw, we desperatly need more pics! lol) and I'm actually wondering what will be your choices!! I would love to hear some of it before watching the movie!!
Thank you so much for not having forgotten us!

Julia : Chercherais-tu les embrouilles?? lol on l'a déjà notre communauté, on est entre ami(e)s c'est bien! kissouilles l'artiste!


Thanks again Dan! ^^
That's very sweet not to forget us. lol
I don't know what more to say. Just thanks to spend time to update your blog.
It means a lot to all the people here.


Thanks for the update Dan. I am so intrigued as to the score - it can really make all the difference to a movie imho. Can't wait!



Thanks again and again for the update... and for giving us news about your movie !
I just can't wait to see it =)
Good luck with your next movie !!


Dan, we've missed you! Keep the news coming.

the hermit

hey dan!
any word on toronto?!
as a canadian, i fully support you coming to show your film here.... from what i've read, i'm intrigued and i'm stoked that you decided to give gillian anderson a chance at something daring!
keep it real!
the hermit

Ian Kennedy

Dan, dying to see more pictures from the movie whenever you get the chance to share them especially of Ms Anderson! Any chance the movie may open a little before the projected date of Feb 7? And what are the odds we may see some preview clips or a provisional trailer on the blog sometime in the future?


Dan is weekend already (smiles)!

Do not be distracted by the world cup


Dan, I'm very glad that Alistair contacted me to inform me about your film and its blogsite. As soon as I've had a chance to review all the information here, I will definitely start to generate as much buzz as I can. Are you available for phone/email interview? Is Gillian? At any time when you think that might be appropriate, I would be happy to conduct same. Until then, best wishes with the project. I'm delighted to hear Gillian is in a new film, as she is one of my favorites, and I look forward to seeing the film when it is finally distributed stateside.


Wow! I am so psyched about this movie right now! You are going to kill me by making me wait so long! I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed following this blog. I love every aspect of making a film and how it grows from an idea to a fully fledged project. All the bumps and scrapes along the way together with everything that makes making a film is great. Please don't feel like your boring us with technical stuff because I love it! It's just so interesting to fully know the process behind movie making. I hope one day to have the courage to pursue film making, things like this just make the urge stronger.
I came across this film because I am a fan of Gillian Andersons work; the depth with which she portrays all of her characters on screen just draws me in like no other actress. One of the great unsung movie stars! Anyway, the more I learn about this movie, the more I am convinced that it is going to turn out great. I just love British independant films and this is just oozing in darkness. Hope everything goes well in the time up to release. Shall be following the blog though!

Waiting anxiously here in Scotland for February!


You say, "Meanwhile I'm also trying to write the next movie!"

Does this indicate that you are writing a new movie that you'll do next? or is this 'next movie' an actual follow on to Straightheads? If you are writing a continuation of this story, does that mean that you may have an agreement with Gillian already in place, for her to reprise her characterization of Alice?

Dying to see the first film, and any more pics or clips you can share with us.

So Tough

That's an interesting thought, Valkyrie. I'd be interested in both variants. LOL I also have a thought: it takes Dan longer than usual to write an update because he still can't decide which new pics he will reveal to us. :P Anyway, cheers to all.


Hey Yuriy GET OUT!! And bring your stupid links with you.


Hey, Yuriy........just because Dan doesn't have time to address your stupidity and there's no moderator to this blog doesn't give you and other fools who are only interested in scoping nude chicks and scoring free porn the right to do so here! Why here of all places? Don't you think you should take those links to the proper venue? Am I wasting my breath? Get with it: this site is for people interested in the making of Straightheads and learning a few things about independant filmmaking. It's also for fans of the actors, but not for people only interested in seeing them nude! Give Gillian and the rest of these devoted artists a f****ing break! Go hit a strip club or something, dude!!


Don't worry guys, there is a moderator on the blog and be assured that comments like that are removed from the site.


Cool! Thanks for the assurance..... I spoke too soon and humbly apologize for nagging anyone to death! This is truly a great blogsite and all of your efforts here are appreciated!

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