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The Straightheads Trailer

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Will do!!! This is a great idea!


That's the least we can do :-) also, if you have more than one account on youtube, use all of them. And if you only have one, register for some more. *devil smile* I have innocent thoughts like that ;-p


Done!!!! I would be more than happy to help Straightheads! This is absolutely brilliant!


Done, Dan ;). I love the trailer. Now...I hope it will release at Buenos Aires cinema... soon!
Great job about editing, pase (ritmo), sound and of course, acting.




i had to do that...........its all so sinister!!but soooooo not lol

Uncle Danny whats you to do him a means a lot to the family.....he wants it clean and low profile!Capiche lol

All i can say Dan is........

Yessssssssss Master.........(drags leg behind me)



Man i wish you could edit on this thing.........i meant "Wants".......not "whats" in the above!! lol


Done and done, Dan! I mean that. As soon as the trailer appeared at YouTube I immediately gave it the highest rating possible there (which is a 5 for those of you not in the know) and added it to my "Favourites" as well. In my listings its got the No. 1 Spot!

Straightheads deserves all the recognition it can get and if I can help to do that then it's an absolute pleasure to do so. :-)

- Alan.

Lindsay Farber

You got it dude! We are promoting it on our forum quite a bit as well. Thanks to Toni. I really cant wait to see the film. I REALLY love being a part of this whole process. Way to go Dan! :)



yeah, I kinda've done that already! ;)

But I'll pass the message!!


HAhaha.....thanks for the shout out Linds!!

Glad to see your straight over here.......i only just posted the info over there!! lol


Whoa, Dan. What will you do for me, huh?

Ok, fine I'll do it. Anything to bring it to the USA!

*Sara Alice*


As an aspiring actress and film critic I must say I am liking what i see. Im going to work with you one day, your my kind of Director.

Kay Jamés Green.


i will do what you ask of me Yoda.

Lindsay Farber

Toni brought up the fact that I should post the URL here since I mentioned the forum. This is an X-files and GA, DD forum.

Raquel Danason

Hi Dan,
well help more cinemas have the movie, okay, I will save it in my favourites and send an e-mail to friends do it too! :)
Thanks to share to us your idea.


i think you should keep it up for more than 1 weeks.
And will it be seen in the previous at the theaters here in the US???????
That would be a good thing too.


that's previews not previous






boy do I know how that is, you've got my support.


Hi Dan, I favourited the movie on Youtube for ya. :D Your film looks great but disturbing - lots of blood and so sad. Terrific to see Gillian starring in a film.

Also Dan, or anyone else reading this, if u would to see Gillian in the long awaited X-Files 2 movie please check out Create the Future We can put a Straightblog link on our new multi-lingual site which will be ready late February ;)

asma ^^

Done Dan!!!!

hope it 'll help spread the word about the movie..

if i can add just that the best way for us to help you promote the movie before it's release is to talk about it to everybody we know!!!! That's what i did, and many people now are waiting here in France for a release! And they're not at all Gillian fans as i am!
So if i can make a call today , it would be : Spread the world people!! Show the trailer, and make this awesome movie work!!!!!!

*****good luck Dan and the crew********


plus, telling the people on the german "x-files-mania" fanpage about it, and they all are pretty excited. i haven't read a single negative response anymwhere. :)

asma ^^

i just had an idea ...have you posted the trailer on dailymotion ... after youtube , it's one of the most visited website with videos available and many haghlights ..that could be nice to have there too ;


No problem Dan :)
We did it and we're so pleased to help you and the movie.
Take care

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