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The Straightheads Trailer

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Oooo i am so exited... :D :D


Ehh.. I can`t seem to play the video. can`r find it on youtube either?


This is EXCELLENT!!!!!!! OMG! It's scary! If Gillian was not in the movie I would freak out!!!
Congratulations! This is really a good trailer. The music is great and the colors! I'm even more excited now :)
Thank you so muuuuuch!!!!!!



Watching it.. Watching it!! \o/

I'll comment... LOL


Thanks so much for posting this, soooo exciting!!!


Thanks so much for posting this, soooo exciting!!!


I love it!!Oh I have like this feeling of wanting to cry inside..It is so sad!! And terrible what happens to her, and him. It lookes exiting though. Very very good trailer, and OMG so much better than the promo trailer ;-) Have to admit i watched it, I was way to curiouse not to...!


Okay! Watched it! And after pondering for a few... seconds... I decided that it's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

The music is good. And I love the font and the effect when it's on. And the blood on the font from 'Forever' on! I mean.. wow! Truly loved the trailer!

Thank you so much for posting it today!!! :D



And the "What did you do" at the end! :D :D :D :D :D Fantastic!


Wow! I'm so excited for this movie.


Wow! I'm so excited for this movie.

Alan!!! That was FANTASTIC!!! Absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you so very, very much for allowing us the opportunity to see it, Dan! It's an amazing trailer that tells you something but doesn't give away everything and that's a great thing! There are often trailers that have given some of the best action or jokes away and when you finally see the movie the impact isn't as great as it should be because the trailer has spoilt it. It seems that this is definitely *not* the case with the Straightheads trailer.

It was worth the wait just as I knew it would be.

I can't believe we've got a *whole* week to watch this! I'll be watching it over and over again and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it!

If this is my reaction to the trailer then I can't wait to see what my reaction will be to the movie itself!!! I probably won't stop get tired of watching that either. If I wasn't excited before then I *definitely* am now!

Thank you again Dan for supplying it to us! Straightheads looks like it's gonna be one hell of a movie! Please pass my compliments to the guys and gals for putting together such an exciting and exhilarating trailer. Well done all!

Roll on April 20th!!! :-)

- Alan.


fook me im proper excited now lol


Wow this is great....

love the lines

"Do you know what they did once They finished with me.......they laughed"


"What did YOU do"!!

Scary stuff, plus i wanna know what Adam did!

Stunning Trailer. Great Job Dan.

On a side note! I love how the whole site crashes over and over again due to so many people trying to view this thing!!! Great !!!


Emma!!lol sentiments exactly


This sentence beautifully said by Gillian "Do you know what they did after they finished with me? they laughed..." is brillant and so intense. Her voice is just a's brillant.Well that's Gillian after all.
I can't take this sentence off my brain.. that's so scaring!


I know some were having trouble accessing this site, which is frustrating, but very cool at the same time. Dan, you are a god. really. thank you soooo much for this. you rock.


In fact Marie, that sentance sends shivers done my spine!!

Makes you feel so unsafe!...........Brilliant!! lol

Yep we are twisted people indeed.

Thanks to Julia and verve too!


Holy crap that was an exciting trailer. I can't wait.


Holy crap that was an exciting trailer. I can't wait.


wow, i'm shaking! i love it dan!!! i'll watch it again and again and again...


thats was fuckin brill!!!! gutted i watch the fake now, it nothin on that one gud work. cant wait for the movie now looks ace xxxx



I really want to know when the USA release date is going to be as I cannot wait to see this movie!!!!!!!



ummm, that trailer scared the hell out of me. This movie looks f**cked up...


*Sara Alice*

Sean Austin

Oh,dear God. It's here. It's cool. I hope it's released soon in the U.S.

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