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The Straightheads Poster


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The Straightheads Trailer

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Geoffrey Hill

Hi I was wondering Im a Cinema Projectionist and was wondering what format is the film going to be in then ? Wide screen or scope 1.85 or 2.35 ? Plus is verve going with a saturation release across the Uk or just a less wide ranging rollout ?


Hey Dan. Always nice to hear from you. Thanks for revealing the final version of the Straightheads poster. It looks Amazing!

It's fantastic to know that you, Gillian, and Danny have recorded a DVD commentary! I'm really looking forward to listening to that! This is only the second commentary Gillian has done I believe (the first was for her The X-Files directed episode "All Things"). Funnily enough I was reading comments Gillian's supposed to have said at IMDb just the other day and she's supposedly said she gets depressed after watching anything she's been in. I can't imagine how she'll have felt after watching the sort of movie that Straightheads is! LOL

I'm keeping my eyes peeled for interviews with you, Gillian, and Danny. I would have thought that you'll probably have just missed out on 'Film 2007 with Jonathan Ross' though (unless they were on set with you with their cameras whilst you were filming). It's the last episode in the present series of 'Film 2007' tonight on BBC 1 (Monday, 12th March) but I'll be checking it out just to make sure I'm wrong (which I hope I am).

Anyway, thanks for the update and the look at the final poster. It's all really very much appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Take care.

- Alan.

P.S. Roll on April 27th!!!

Katherine Wolf

I am so excited to see this; here's hoping it comes out in the U. S. soon!


This is awesome, a GA commentary is one of the dreams come true. The second one related to the SH dvd would be to put *any* BTS/interviews/deleted scenes footage available. *hint hint* It would be a waste to keep any of that in the drawer, right? lol I would even pay double for that dvd as long as all that was in there *that desperate* LMAO. The poster looks nice and I can't wait for all the promo interviews of you and GA that is on the way.

Thanks for all the goodies you keep giving us Dan ;)


Wooot, seven weeks!! \o/


oh how exciting! I'm a US resident, but I'll be in London in may-too late for the premiere, but I'll definitely catch the movie! I can't imagine how excited you are, I know what that buzz is like when you finally release the end product after so much work (I'm in theatre), but I've never experienced that after such a long stretch as you are right now. thank you dan, I hope you get the recognition you all deserve.



Thought i would just mention that my friend saw the trailer yesterday at the cinema, and said that he really liked it, and would go see it!!!

Im off to the cinema tomorrow, so i too hope to catch it on the BIG screen!!


Yes! This movie going to be DISGUSTING on the big screen! I can't wait!! (Living in the US I hope it will be on the big screen, otherwise I'll have to wait for the DVD :-( But I am very excited about all the extra stuff that will be on the DVD. Looking forward to more stuff on YouTube, as well. *ARRRH! I just need to fly to London for a long weekend and I'll just sleep in some random garden*

Sara Alice!!

Michael H.

thanks dan, and it's great to hear that the trailer is in the cinemas already!! there's a good chance that i will be in london in april or may, i will definitely go and see it then. but i would love to see it in german, too, since gillian has such a great german synchro voice! :-)

Raquel Danason

Wow! It´s a very good news to know it will be a recorded a dvd commentary. I want to see this movie quickly...I hope that it will become faster to Brazil, and if only next year I pray to it come to "Festival do Rio"...
Thanks about the news!


Thank you, Dan! Tell Verve we so want to come for the premiere too!Please let us know as soon as possible, coz' we are 10 people and finding an accomodation is getting hard coz' there are just 6 weeks left.


thanks dan!!!please light a candle to verve...we want soooooo much a premiere!!!i'm from italy and it's difficult to organize everything in less than 6 weeks!!adry is right!!!

Leslie Connors

Thanks for the update Dan! And the poster is great!

I'm so excited for you all and for all the UK fans who get to see the movie soon!




Hi Dan. Thank you for the update.

The poster looks a lot more vibrant and appealing now after its colour touch-up. I like it.

I'm brimming with excitement about the DVD commentary news - not a chance in hell will this be boring to listen to! I can't wait. With regards to the DVD actually, I'd like to ask if you have plans to release (or are considering releasing) a Director's Cut Edition? Preview screening reports from early 2006 to now suggest that many scenes are or will be absent from the commercial theatrical versions for the UK, and US consequently. It'd drive me nuts to know there was interesting and juicy SH footage out there that I mightn't ever have the opportunity of seeing if it wasn't included on the DVD. As str8ahead offered, I'd pay extra! :D




Picked up the cineworld mag the other night, and in it was the SH poster!!

It takes up just shy of half an A4 page!........though in each copy there seems to be a line under(just in)GAs nose. Perhaps a printing error........or the way the poster is designed?

Anyway, it looked good to see it in a cinema mag!--plus its good to know the trailer is on the big screen (even if it was my friend that saw it and not me!! humph)


Hello! I was just writing as I'm desperate to go to the premiere of Straightheads (Danny is my all-time favourite actor), I'd be eternally grateful if you could let us all know ASAP if/when/where it's likely to take place, thankyou! Loving the poster by the way, the whole film looks amazing, can't wait! xxx


I really hope this gets to the Big Screen over here in the US


Dan I love the final art poster!! It's like I imagine!! ♥

I hope the movie comes out in Spain soon!!


Dan! Where are you? We need an update :)


Fantastic poster :-))
Though GA reminds of Scully a tad too much... ;-)

Michael H.

maybe that's what they intended... to catch the eye of x-files-fans!
and i'm dying for an update as well... i guess you spoiled us completely, dan! :-)


An update about the premiere is all we need to know now!

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