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The Straightheads Trailer

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Hi Dan! Great to hear from you again! Nice to know those movie offers are coming in to you! Congratulations!

I just want to take this opportunity to say how sorry I am to the US fans of this movie that you won't be able to see Straightheads on the big screen but at least you'll still be getting the opportunity to see the film on DVD before this year is out. I can understand why Straightheads has been renamed "Closure". I've seen so many websites where someone from the US doesn't know what Straightheads means.

Speaking of the DVD: Dan, you've said that the UK DVD release for Straightheads will most likely be October and the websites and HMV agree with you. But and the UK section of have reported the release date of 24th September for the UK. Any chance you could confirm that at all?

I don't suppose there's any chance of any new pictures or videos in your next Blog update is there? And will you be able to confirm if Straightheads' DVD release will be a Director's Cut? I'd love it if it was! I'm sure that there has to be plenty of footage that can be reinstated into it. If it isn't a Director's Cut of Straightheads on DVD, then fine. I can still enjoy the film whether it has new footage or not.

Anyway, I've gotta go. Again, it's great to hear from you and I hope that you have a relaxing weekend. Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Take care,

- Alan.


i am really glad i was able to see it that one time on the big screen! but at least i'll be able to own my very own copy! (or two, depending on how the extras and cuts vary by region - do you have any idea about this yet?)

i finally got my straightheads poster (it will always be straightheads to me!!!!!!) and love having it on my wall to look at. thanks for the update!


The countdown to October begins! lol.
'Closure' sounds like a decent title (I haven't seen the film yet) but, I have to say, it will always be Straightheads to me. :)


I like "Closure", and I'm glad that you will continue to work, Dan. More good movis for us! The best of luck with everything and keep us posted.


Hi Dan!

I'm glad you have projects to do and everything seems to be ok, right? And I like "Closure" too, but I don't like the idea of changing a film's title when it has already been on cinemas and there are people who know it by the first title. So, for me, it'll be "Straightheads" too. And I don't know how this will be good or bad for the film. I mean, we know that now SH is "Closure" and we'll buy it. But what about people who don't read this blog and don't know all this? They'll probably say "Closure? What film is that?". I hope Sony announce it.

And if the film won't have a theatrical release on US, then I presume there won't be one in Spain, right? It's a pity... Anyway, I'm glad you're ok and... well, I'll buy the DVD when it is released, because I'll be in the UK. :D


Richard Brunton - Filmstalker

I'm not so sure about Closure, sounds softer than Straightheads. It does wiff a little of changing it for a meeker and less understanding US audience though, which I think is never the right thing to do. Still, they are the marketeers.

I do wish I had caught this at the cinema, but it received such a limited run here in Edinburgh it never really had a chance. Hopefully I'll get a DVD when it is released...or maybe I'll call Verve and try and scrape a screener off them!

Hope it does well in the US, another shame there's no theatrical release, but DVD will reach more people.

Keep us updated about the next project Dan.

Leslie - NL, Canada

Hi Dan!

Nice to hear from ya and that you continue to work! Funny how film titles get changed for U.S releases. Closure isn't a bad title. Any idea if it'll be released in Canada the same time, and if the title will be the same as the U.K? We do normally get the U.K titles.

Anyway, good luck with everything!


hey dan!
i just saw the trailer, and i'm totally stoked about seeing this flick..i'd like to reiterate les's comment about canadian release dates and info...
so good to see gillian anderson doing smthing intense!
rock 'n roll!


Hi Dan!
Well, I won't lie, I'm a little disappointed we won't get to see "Closure" on the big screen here in the states; but I'm looking forward to the DVD release nonetheless. Keep us posted!

Best of luck on your new project. :)


Ok so wait a sec. You mean it will be released on DVD in the US in October? Or was that just for the UK? Will it have an extras? Please say "Yes".

And I'm glad to hear that you've accepted a new offer. Good luck with everything in your future!

And next time those chodes want to rename your movie, tell them to eat it.

*Sara A*


Glad to hear from you Dan and glad to hear the news about accepting an offer for a new film. Keep the news coming about that.

Now honestly, when people already start referring in their posts to 'Closure' I ***really*** don't know what they're talking about. I know that more than a year ago I heard that Gillian would be in SH. I know that we passionately followed and discussed the news/interviews/fan's reports on boards, the film's progress from filming all the way to the big screen by Dan's updates. It was all about STRAIGHTHEADS and it will always will be STRAIGHTHEADS (and I *know* that most -if not all- fans agree). Marketing stategies can't change the reality of that. It's just that, marketing. I guess I can take it from people who will come to know the film only after the change (and I'll be damned if I won't correct them lol), but no, I don't know what 'Closure' is all about. Another film maybe, according to Sony anyway. And I really hope it works and gets the desired result for the US audience.

So about STRAIGHTHEADS, the film we came to anticipate as GA's fans, followed for more than a year and eventually got to know and like it (or not), your film Dan, I can't wait for the Dvd release. I really hope you will include as much unseen material in it as you can. Please don't let it go to waste and you should know that for something like that, fans would be more than willing to pay a bigger price than the usual one for this dvd release. Just in case the cost of such a release would be an issue and could get in the way. *They* should know that.


damn about the lack of a theatrical release in the u.s, but DVD is the next best thing! I'm looking forward to it. Can they really change the title like that--it's your film, don't they have to ask you?

Crystal Gilpin

I am so sad that I have to wait 3 1/2 months :( I am so excited though!!!!!! I can not wait!


Hi Dan-

Thank you for this blog. It was fun and educational to come along for the STRAIGHTHEADS ride with you.

I would like to wish you well with all future projects. Anyone who has the sense to offer Gillian a part is awesome in my book. I have a feeling that the industry will be looking to you for something really unique. I will look forward to seeing your next project evolve and come to the screen. Can't wait for October.



Hi Dan-

Thank you for this blog. It was fun and educational to come along for the STRAIGHTHEADS ride with you.

I would like to wish you well with all future projects. Anyone who has the sense to offer Gillian a part is awesome in my book. I have a feeling that the industry will be looking to you for something really unique. I will look forward to seeing your next project evolve and come to the screen. Can't wait for October.



nice site you have, thanks for sharing, have a look at when you get time :>

Ian Kennedy

I have just seen the projected special features that'll be on the DVD- though I am disappointed that it seems we're not getting a longer "director's cut" of the movie, I hope we'll have enough deleted scenes to keep us enthralled- on a pure Gillian admirer level, I hope they include the full original shower scene and the longer tree love scene!

Ian Kennedy

Just wanted to ask you, Dan, how closely were you involved with the special features for the DVD? And can you tell us anything about the recent addition of "bonus footage" to the special features listing?


Hi, my name is Marek, I am from Czech republic, Europe. (in Czech republic) have given the release date of October 22, 2007 ... here
Edit/Delete Message ... I am so happy ;-) Thx Dan for everything!


oh, sorry, my mistake ... this is correct link


I want to see Gillian's breast...



I'm from Australia, and have only recently learnt about this film. I just took the time to watch the trailer, and I have to agree with everyone in saying that it looks really good. I was just curious as to whether anyone knows if it's going to be released on DVD down here or if I'm going to have to order it from somewhere like Amazon?


Ben, Australia's distributor for Straightheads is Horizon One Entertainment ( ). When I contacted them recently they informed me that Straightheads will have a direct-to-DVD release over here in the second half of this year. No date has been specified yet though. If you're as eager as I am, you might want to consider ordering it from the UK ( ). The release date on most UK sites is Sept 24th, says Aug 1st.


Rightio, thanks Angelina.


It is match.

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